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Genealogy Pro.net Web Hosting Services

Sharing Your Family Tree on the Web

Genealogy Pro.net is a web based service for publishing your family tree to share with friends and family on the internet. It features:

  • An online database that stores family relationships;

  • Simple web-browser based interface;

  • Viewing of Notes, charts, images and source documentation;

  • "Image mapped" charts - clicking on a person in a chart will direct the browser to that persons family information.

  • Option to restrict access of family tree information to registered users of your choice.

  • Easy layout and uploading using the free Genealogy Pro Upload Manager.

You will find this facility of use if you require:

  • A convenient, simple online tool to store and share family information for hobby or professional use;

  • A low cost and simple method to publish your family tree online

Click here to see a simple example of a family tree published online using Genealogy Pro Software Services.

Please note that Genealogy Pro for MacOS X (version 2.0 or greater) is required to layout the family tree web pages for use with this service.