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Genealogy Pro Features

Genealogy Pro for MacOS X is a software program for storing family relationships and drawing family trees. Features include:

  • An inbuilt database to store familial relationships;

  • Easy to use graphical interface, including a browser to list all individuals in the database and a browser to view families;

  • Easy creation of sophisticated family tree charts. Chart types include horizontal and vertical ancestor charts, and horizontal and vertical descendant (pedigree) charts;

  • A range of charting options including options for fields to include in a chart, order of fields in a chart, line and font size and style, inclusion of images;

  • An expandible database that allows creation of custom fields;

  • Search facility;

  • Facility of storing notes and source citations for individuals;

  • Function to export family tree data into a web ready format, including options to compress and upload charts and other images. Web charts are formatted as image maps, allowing you to click on a person in your web browser to see the information for that person;

  • An upload manager (available as a separate free download) to automatically upload files to your web site;

  • GEDCOM compatible, allowing import and export of genealogy data with other genealogy programs

The Genealogy Pro online documentation contains a more detailed description of the functions and features of Genealogy Pro.