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Web Publishing with Genealogy Pro

Genealogy Pro 2.0 includes facilities that, in conjunction with the internet service provided by Genealogy Pro Software Services, allows you to share your family tree with friends and relatives on the internet. Experience in writing web pages is NOT required to publish your family tree using Genealogy Pro 2.0.

The tutorial in the appendix to this manual describes how to create a simple genealogy database using Genealogy Pro. The result of this example tutorial, is availble as an example internet site.

This section describes how to format your Genealogy Pro file ready for internet publishing. The Web Publishing Manual describes how to set up an internet account and upload files to your account using the Genealogy Pro Upload Manager.


You only need to follow these simple steps to format your genealogy files ready to publish on the internet.

  • Set your internet site name, home page, default chart, default family in the Web Page Set Up window (this is required only once for each Genealogy Pro file);

  • Optionally, set your preferences for the format of image, chart files and the type of files that will be generated; and

  • Save the web files