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Genealogy Pro - Protecting Privacy

Marking Individuals as Private

Genealogy Pro includes an option to mark any individual as 'Private'. When an individual is marked as private, the text "private" is displayed for the name, birth date, and any other piece of information about that person.

Privacy applies to Charts and Web Pages. It does not affect the display of any individuals' data in the Family Browser or the Individuals' Browser on your local computer.

For privacy setting for any individual to apply you must ensure that:

  • The individual is marked as private; and
  • The "Enforce Privacy Options" are set in the Privacy Preferences. Choose the 'Genealogy Pro⇒Preferences' menu, and navigate to the Privacy view to set the Privacy Preferences.

To mark an individual as private, select that person and choose the 'Database⇒Mark as Private' menu. If the person is already marked as private, choose the 'Database⇒Remove Privacy' menu.

You can set all individuals that are born after a certain date to be marked as private. Choose the 'Database⇒Privacy' panel. Enter the year into the window below, and click the 'Apply' button.

The Privacy Panel

Marking a lineage as Private

You can set all descendants of an individual as private by choosing the 'Database⇒Mark descendants private' menu. You can remove privacy restrictions for all descendants of an individual by selecting that person and choosing the 'Database⇒Remove descendants privacy' menu. You will be given the option, in a new window to restrict the number of generations in the persons descendants to remove the privacy

You usually have an idea of which generation are still living. You can set all descendants for a person as marked private, then lift the privacy for the number of generations you are confident are not living. That way you can confidently set privacy, even if you haven't recorded the birth date for an individual.

How Privacy Works

Genealogy Pro implements privacy by setting privacy text into a field, by default named 'Publishing Restriction' (the name of this field can be changed as for any other field). if you mark a person as Private, Genealogy pro will set the privacy text to "Privacy_user", recognising that it was set by you, the user. If you set the privacy as a batch using the privacy panel, the privacy string is marked simply to "Private". This is so Genealogy Pro can differentiate between privacy set automatically and privacy set manually. When you remove privacy, you can choose to remove all privacy for all individuals, or just for the individuals that have been set in batch mode using the privacy panel. This way, privacy set manually will not be lost.

Note: Genealogy Pro only checks the first character when determing privacy. If the first character is 'p', 'P', 'c', 'C', it will treat the individual as private. The 'c' is for GEDCOM compatibility, where privacy can be marked as 'Private' or 'Confidential'.

The family table also includes a privacy field. This is unused in Genealogy Pro 2.0.