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Genealogy Pro - Creating Web Pages

Create a web page in Genealogy Pro is easy. First, create your family tree in Genealogy Pro. If you are new to Genealogy Pro, you may wish to view the tutorial on creating a new Genealogy Pro file and building up the family tree database. You can build up your family data using Genealogy Pro, or if you have your family tree in an existing genealogy program, you can import it into Genealogy Pro from the GEDCOM format.

Prior generating a web page for the first time, you will need to set your web page settings, using the 'File⇒Web page set up ...' menu.

Creating web files is as simple as choosing the 'File⇒Save as web page ...' menu. You will be prompted for a directory into which to save the web files. All web files are saved into a new directory called name_web, where "name" is the name of your Genealogy Pro network account (previously set in the File⇒Web page set up ...' menu). For example, in the image here, the GenealogyPro.net account is "mitford". Genealogy Pro will save all the web files in a directory called "mitford_web".

The web files created and placed into the "mitfords_web" directory are

  • charts - a directory of all chart pictures to be uploaded (chart pictures will only exist if inclusion of chart images option is chosen in the preferences)
  • database.sql.z - a compressed file of the database in structured query language (SQL) format.
  • home.php - your home page file
  • documents - a directory of all images and other documents to be uploaded
  • Upload Files.gpupload - this is a Genealogy Pro Upload Manager file, that is used to upload the file to your web site.

Ensure that you are connected to the internet and that you have download the Genealogy Pro Upload Manager. Upload the web files to your web page by double clicking on the 'Upload Files.gpload'. The Genealogy Pro Upload Manager will launch. Enter your use name and password and click 'Upload'. The files will be uploaded to your web site. Your genealogy is now available for public browsering. Refer to the Genealogy Pro Upload Manager documentation for more information about uploading your files.

created in step 3 above. Double click on the file named "Upload Files.gpload".