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Genealogy Pro Sources

Genealogy Pro includes a document management system that allows you to record where you obtained information about an individual or a family. Each piece of information is stored in a Genealogy Pro 'Source'. You can record any information you want in a source, and store images, files and internet url's that can be launched by a click of the mouse.

To view, edit or add sources to a person or family, select a person or family (eg by clicking on a row in the Individuals Browser, or opening the family browser) and choose the Sources icon ( ) from the Toolbar.

The Source Panel

  • To add a new source to the document, click on the new source icon ( ), add choose the type of source from the list (see below).

    The List of Source Types for a New Source

  • To remove a source from the current person or family, click on the remove source icon ( ).

    Note: Removing a source from a person or family will not necessarily delete the source from the Genealogy Pro database. Sources can be assigned to multipe people and families. The source will automatically be deleted when it is no longer assigned to any person or family.

  • You can assign an existing source to a person a family. Click on the book shelf ( ) icon. This will open a new panel with a list of all sources in the database. To assign an existing source to the person or family, drag the source from the panel onto the sources window.

  • The "Relevance" text is a short description of how the source is relevant to this person. You can, if you choose, have multiple sources that refer to the same publication. It may be that a different chapter of a book is relevant to one person, and a completely separate chapter of the same book is relevant to another person. You can create completely different sources that both refer to the same book. In this case you can use the 'Relevance' text to describe how the book is applicable to the person or family

  • Most of the information about a sources is described in the 'Detail' secion. Click on the 'Detail' icon ( ). A text panel will appear as a drawer. Enter your detailed description of the source in this text panel.

  • Click on the 'Facts' icon ( ) to set the factual information for a source. For a publication, this is the publication name, publisher, published date, etc.

    For publications only, you can assign an existing publication to the source. Click on the publications ( ) icon. This will open a new panel with a list of all publications in the database. To assign an existing publication to the person or family, drag the publication from the panel onto the sources window.

  • You can assign the source to the selected persons ancestors or descendants by cicking the 'context' ( ) icon.

  • Click the 'Repository' ( ) icon to set the information about where the source is stored, for example a library address.

  • Click the 'Documents' ( ) icon to add images or other documents or web url associated with this source. The panel drawer associated with this icon is analagous to and works similar to the Scrap Book Editor.

Importing Gedcom Sources

When Genealogy Pro imports a GEDCOM file, it assumes that the sources are of type 'Publication'. You can change this setting in the by choosing the Genealogy Pro⇒Preferences menu, and going to the Gedcom view. In place of making each source a publication, you can choose to have Genealogy Pro prompt you for the source type while importing the file.