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Genealogy Pro Reports

Reports contain generally non-graphical information about a family (or an individual if the individual is not married) in a fashion which is visually pleasing and print ready.

Unlike Charts, reports are not live linked to the database, that is if you change any information in the database, such as a persons name, the family report will not be automatically updated. If you find that an open Family Report window needs updating, you can do so by choosing the Window⇒Refresh Display menu item. Alternatively, you can close and reopen the window, or If you click on any link any information will be updated in the window.

  • Family Report - this encapsulates all inormation about a family (or an individual)

  • Ahnentafel Report - produces a numbered list of all ancestors of an individual

  • Reports can be saved as:

    • Plain Text format

    • Rich Text format, without embedded images (rtf)

    • Rich Text format, with embedded images (rtfd)

    To save a report, choose one of the File⇒save, File⇒Save as ..., or File⇒Save to ... menus. There is no 'memory' of the saved file. Each time you choose one of the save commands, you will be prompted for a file name.

    Current reports generated by Genealogy Pro are:

      The purpose of saving a saving in either of these formats is usually to format your data in a external editor of word processor. Genealogy Pro can not open a report file.