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Genealogy Pro - The Family Report

The Family Report compiles information about a family (or an individual if the individual is not married) in a fashion which is visually pleasing and print ready.

To create a family report, select a person in either the Individuals Browser or the Family Browser. Choose the Reports⇒Family Report menu. The report will appear in a new window

You can change the column alignment selecting the entire window (choose menu Edit⇒Select All) and dragging the tabs in the ruler

Fonts, font colours and background colour can be altered by selecting the font icon or colour icon from the toolbar. The background colour is changed when there is no selected text

You can choose to optionally display images or hyperlinks in the Family Report by choosing the Report tab in the Preferences panel (choose the Genealogy Pro⇒Preferences ... menu item to open the Preferences panel. Clicking on a link will result in a new report being generated for the person that you clicked.

You can also choose which fields to display in the family report. Currently this is done through the Web Page Set Up menu. The fields to display are identical to those displayed in the Web Page Family View.

It may seem odd that the web page set up is used for the Family Report. This is simply indicative of the current direction of Genealogy Pro development, where the web publishing is developing in parallel with the application development. The family report may be thought as analogous to the web based family view, as seen in this example.