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Genealogy Pro© for MacOS X 2.0 is a Genealogy data management and charting program, and web publishing software for the MacOS X operating system.

Genealogy Pro 2.0 is integrated with an inexpensive web publishing site, the Genealogy Pro internet site that features a web solution for publishing your family tree.

It is designed specifically for storing family tree data and drawing family tree charts. It stores familial data such as family names, relationships, important dates and events such as birth and death dates, and uses this information to create genealogical charts.

Charts currently support are vertical and horizontal pedigree (ancestor) and vertical and horizontal family (descendant) charts.

Data can be imported using the standard GEDCOM (genealogical data communication) format, and data can be export to GEDCOM format. The native database is a relational database table based upon the database capability of the underlying OS X.

System Requirements:

Power Macintosh G3 (minimum, recommended G4 processor or higher) running MacOS system version 10.2 or higher.