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Genealogy Pro for MacOS X: Merging Files

How to Merge Files

Starting with version 2.0, Genealogy Pro includes a merge file facility. This function allows you to communicate with and import data obtained from other historians.

The merge file function merges two files together into one file. The two files to be merged must be in native Genealogy Pro Format.

To use the merge facility,

  • Open one file. This file will be the file that will contain the merged data ("The Merge File")

  • Choose the 'File⇒merge' menu item.

You need to identify a common individual in both files. Genealogy Pro will open a window that contains two tables:

  • The table location at the left of the window contains a list of all individuals from the file you are obtaining information from ("The Source File")

  • The table located at the right of the window contains a list of all individuals from the 'Merged File'

If the common individual has a family in both files, you will be prompted to indentify that family. You can choose to:

  • Have the family of the person being merged added to the 'Merged File' as an additional family (ie second marriage) or

  • Identify the family and have Genealogy Pro merge the family data.

How Genealogy Pro Merges files

Genealogy Pro merges file by:

  • Checking whether the 'Merge File' has familial information (parents, children), and if NO familial information exists;

  • Replaces the familial information in the 'Merge File' with data from the 'Source File'

Merging files can be tricky, it is recommended that you always make a copy of the file you are merging into, and work on the copy until you are satisfied that the merged file contains data with the outcome you are after.

Note that data of all individuals and families, including dates, places, names, text, documents and images, notes and sources will be copies over from the 'Merge Files',
for the common individual(s) and family(s) identified above. Data in the existing file is not overwriten for these individual(s) and family(s). If there is aditional information needed for the individual(s) in the 'Merge File' it will need to be entered manually.