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The Genealogy Pro Document Editor

Users of Genealogy Pro version 1.0 should note that the 'Document Editor' and the 'Scrapbook Editor' are simply an expanded version of the Image Editor and the Photo Album Editor. However, in Genealogy Pro 2.0 documents manged by these editors are not restricted to images. They can be images, audio, audio-visual, uniform resource locators (URL's, ie web page address) or any other type of document.

Double clicking on a 'Document' field (formerly known as an 'Image' field in Genealogy Pro 1.0) for a person or a family will bring up the Document Editor (formally known as the Image editor). A 'Document' can be any file stored on your local computer,including images, audio-visual, audio, web page addresses, or any other type of document or a web page address.

The image in the editor is that of the currently selected image or document. For documents that are simple images, the image is a preview of the image file. For other types of documents, the editor shows the finder icon for that document type.

An example of the Document Editor

Adding Documents

There are a number of ways to add documents to a Document field.

  • 1. Click the 'Add document' icon (). This will result in a panel to choose a file.

  • 2. Drag a file from the Finder directly onto the Document Editor.

  • 3. Drag a file directly onto the 'Document' column for a person in the Individuals' Browser, or directly on the 'Document' row for the Family Browser (see depiction below). When adding multiple images or documents, this is probably the best way to associate a document with a person.

An example of dragging a document directly to the Individuals' Browser.

  • 4. Drag a url from the web browser directly onto one of the Genealogy Pro Browser windows, or directly onto the Document Editor similar to that described in (2) and (3) above. The image below depicts adding the Genealogy Pro home page to a document field.

  • An example of dragging a url from a web browser.

    Removing Documents

    To remove documents:

    • 1. Click the 'Remove document' icon (). This will remove the document associated with the currently selected person or family.

    • 2. Click on the document in the Individuals' Browser or Family Browser, and press the delete key on your keyboard.

    Viewing Documents

    To view documents:

    • 1. Click the 'View document' icon (). For images, the image will be viewed in a Genealogy Pro utility window. For other types of documents, the document will be opened in the default application for that document type. Web site addresses will be opened in the default web browser (eg Safari).

    • 2. Click on the image or document icon in the window and drag it onto a application. The application will open the document.

    • 3. Hold the option key while double clicking on the document in the Individuals' browser or in the Family browser. In this case, the Document Editor will be bypassed and the image or document opened directly.