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The Individuals' Browser


As depicted below, the Individuals' browser lists all individuals in the database.

  • Fields are listed in columns.
  • Each row equates to one individual in the database.

note: The row numbers do not equate to Gedcom identification numbers.

Opening the Individuals' Browser


If the Individuals' browser is closed, it may be opened by:

a. Clicking on the "Individuals" toolbar icon at the top right hand of the Family browser; or

b. Choosing the the menu Database⇒File Name⇒Individuals to view this window.

The columns may be moved by clicking on column names and dragging the column.

Sorting in the Individuals' Browser

The table may be sorted by any field. Click in the column header to sort the list of individuals. The list will sort by the Date, Place, Name or Text.

Sorting may be undertaken by:

  • the current formatting (eg if the date format is day:month:year then the sort will occur by day before month then year); or
  • Natural sorting by field type. For the name field, sorting is by surname, first Name, then middle names, regardless of the display. For the date field it is sorted by year, month then day.

Enabling and disabling of sorting, and selecting the method of sorting is through the Genealogy Pro preferences menu, as depicted below.




Editing in the Individuals' Browser


To activate the Genealogy Pro editor in this browser, click on a cell in the table and choose the "Editor" icon in the tool bar.

note: The editor is also activated by double clicking in a cell.