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Genealogy Pro Data Management

Data Management

Genealogy Pro stores all information pertaining to people, families, sources, and notes in a database. Information in the database is accessed and changed through one of the types of windows - the 'Individuals browser', the 'Family browser' or a Chart. Adding or removing people and changing family information such as birth dates etc. can be altered in any of these views. However, it is usual to alter any data with one of the browsers, and create charts for publishing after the data has been entered.

For those experienced with the use of the relational database, each person in a chart may be thought of as analogous to a record of the databse. The fields such as birth dates, birth places, etc. may be thought of (indeed are) as fields of the databse table.

A Real Life Model

The Genealogy Pro database is modelled on real life. Children can only be added to an existing individual (or to be more correct, to the individual's family). If the "New Son" or "New Daughter" function is selected for a person not associated with a family, a new family (with spouse) will automatically be created prior to adding the children to the family.

Similarly, parents can only be added to an existing individual.

There is no need to know any details of a "tag" for an indivudal or family. There is no need to manually place individuals into a family or to manually assign parents to an individual.

Conversely, deleting a person or family from the database will also delete all children from that persons families, and from the childrens families, etc. It makes sense - if the person does not exist, then that persons ancestors do not exist - they will all be deleted.

Building the Database

The database is built by selecting an individual and consecutively adding children (Family->New Son or Family->New Daughter), a spouse (Family->New Spouse), or adding parents (Family->New Parents).

The quickstart tutorial in Appendix 1 of this manual gives an example of building up a database.

The tutorial is a good place to start if you are a new Genealogy Pro user.

Whether you use the Individuals browser or the Family browser to navigate and build up the database is a matter of pesonal preference. In version 2.0 the Family browser features an "ancestor tree" like view of all individuals in the database, allowing a continual overview of where any family being viewed is located in the database.

Database Storage

A significant change starting in version 2.0 of Genealogy Pro is the use of the SQLITE engine to store the genealogical data. While this does provide some noticable improvements for end users (such as quicker sorting and updating in the Individuals browser), it also provides advanced users the opportunity to use the sqlite database tool to browse the database. It also allows potential developers to provide third party Genealogy Pro add-ons, including web based solutions. An overview of the Genealogy Pro 2.0 file format is provided in Appendix 3.