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Chart Links

Chart links provide a way to navigate between charts using a html-like linking facility. It provides a ways to link between charts for web publishing. A link is simply a reference from one person in one chart, to the same person in another chart. When you add a chart link to a person in any chart, a revers link is automatically created in the linked chart.

You can create chart links in three ways.

  • Open the Chart List, and drag the name of a chart onto any person in a window of a currently open chart. The link will be automatically linked to that person in the dragged chart. If the person does not exist in the dragged chart, a link will not be created.

  • Click on a person in an open chart window, and choose the 'Chart⇒InsertChart Link' menu. Choose the chart from the dialog box.

  • Click on a person in an existing chart window, and create a new chart. Check the "create chart hyperlink" in the chart options when creating the chart. A link will be created in the new chart and the old chart.

note: in Genealogy Pro 2.0 there is a restriction on the type of chart hyperlinks. You can only create hyperlinks for the same type of chart (eg horizontal family chart must have hyperlinks to a horizontal family chart)