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Altering the fields of a chart

To alter the field of a chart, make sure that the chart is the front window. Choose the Chart⇒Display Fields ... menu. The window depicted below describes options for the new chart.

  • Click on fields in the main window list to determine which fields will be visible in the chart

  • Click on the "Field Order" button to display/hide the "field order" panel. The order of the currently selected fields may be dragged to change the order on the chart.



Entering data for fields


To enter data for fields, use the Field Editor by clicking the "Field Editor" icon in the toolbar. Double clicking on a field (eg a name) for a person will also bring up the editor.

When there is no data for a field, it will not be displayed in a chart. For example, if the birth date for a person is not known then it will not be displayed. To put in data for an empty field not currently visible in the chart, press the Command key while clicking on a person. It should be noted that only fields that would normally be visible in the chart, set through the 'visible fields' options, can be edited in this way.



Use the Find menu to go to an individual with a specified value in a field.